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LIGNA19 Highlights

Three new products see the light of day

LIGNA19 Highlights

After intensive development and about 100 customer meetings tapio is pleased to present together with 19 our partners 3 new solutions and 2 extensions in existing solutions . They are geared to everyday challenges from small to large, from machine operators to maintenance and production control. All three can be experienced live at our LIGNA stand in Hall 15 G05.

We look forward to your visit. Come by and discover tapio!

twinio: Tool and material management in a nutshell

What tools and materials do I have in my company? Where is which tool or material located? And what are the basic dimensions of my saw blade?

With twinio, tapio's digital tool and material management, these and other question marks are a thing of the past, because twinio gives you exactly the transparency you need with one scan - and all this in the usual tapio manner: simple, fast and without much manual effort.

Like all other tapio applications, our application is open for integrations of our tapio partners. The first partners are already providing data in tapio. As a customer you have access to digital tool and material data of our partners. You can also store your individual data per tool or material. How many linear metres has my saw blade already been through? With twinio you get exactly this answer.

Integrated partners at LIGNA:

Industrial Tube: The backup for everything that is important to you

We all built up a lot of knowledge about the years of our life. Passing this on to the next generation is an important task so that companies can continue to operate successfully. Unfortunately, it has always been very time-consuming to document knowledge, many things cannot really be written into "documents" - nobody reads them any more anyway. Because we do a lot implicitly, without really thinking about it.

With Industrial Tube from tapio you are now able to effortlessly document knowledge. Without much writing, you simply make a video of what you are doing, modern technology like artificial intelligence analyzes your video, adds subtitles, sets keywords. So your knowledge can be found again and even language boundaries can be bridged by automatic translation.

Three simple templates help you to create and make the process very simple. The only thing you need to create it is a smartphone or a tablet. Then the videos are available for colleagues in your company. You can watch them and learn from them. With secure access, no one but the people you share see the videos. Build your own knowledge base.

DashBoard: Gain more insights from your data

In one application, we provide you with historical information, e.g. on the machine states as you know them from the MachineBoard and as usual for several manufacturers from tapio. A perfect combination for your machine operators and you, because everyone has the same source of information.

In addition, we also bundle further information such as service cases from the ServiceBoard through to detailed information on machines, e.g. sensor values, depending on which tapio partner provides.

All this is shown in diagrams, which allow you to quickly identify where you need to intervene and where everything is running as desired. With various filter functions, you can also take a closer look at individual areas if required, and all this can also be done mobile with the App.

tapio thus offers a combination of digital services (MachineBoard, ServiceBoard, DashBoard) that allow production control/planning, machine operation and maintenance to move even closer together. Together, a great deal of optimization potential can thus be exploited.

Integrated partners at LIGNA:

The existing applications have been significantly expanded


The first app of tapio at LIGNA, shows 14 integrated partners, so that the colorful reality of a customer can really be depicted. A new feature is that customers can now even group their production themselves. This makes it easy to combine production halls, plants or production areas at your own discretion.

Integrated partners:


Getting fast support from the manufacturer is crucial for efficient production. At LIGNA, 4 partners show how they have integrated themselves. For customers, this means that they need one app for service. With established functions such as video dignosis or service tickets, the manufacturer can help the customer in a much shorter time.

Integrated partners: