Matthias Volm

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LIGNA19 – Our review

Within the last two years tapio has established itself on the market.

Our appearance at LIGNA this year was the highlight of the year for us at tapio. After months of preparation, we finally got there last week. With our own booth in hall 15, tapio was well positioned.

With 3 new products, 14 partners in the MachineBoard with a total of 64 machines live, 6 partners in the ServiceBoard and 6 partners in the new twinio application, we had prepared in the best way possible. The high motivation of our partners helped us a lot to be able to show all this live. Many thanks to all 36 tapio partners.

Already during the fair, we noticed that tapio has arrived. Our booth team has been overcrowded, literally. Customers from small to large as well as potential partners have talked to us actively. Of course, we were particularly pleased with the positive feedback on our products. After 2017, when tapio was a very innovative concept, you could feel this year that it became tangible for everyone. This could also be seen in the fact that 20 of the 36 partners were integrated into tapio products and thus showed them to their customers. After two years, tapio has arrived in the wood industry. The currently more than 20,000 assets tapio knows, confirm this very vividly. With this mass, synergies can now be created. Synergies between machines, materials, and tools. (I)IoT is on the lips of many, but LIGNA has also clearly shown that digital solutions have to create added value for the customer (producer), with the technology being of secondary importance. Our products Industrial Tube, twinio and ServiceBoard, therefore deliberately do not require any connected machines. The thousands of clicks during LIGNA show that these solutions are spot on.

In the five days of LIGNA, we have had approximately 500 customer meetings and received 30 leads to expand our ecosystem. Also, we were even able to show existing customers the latest products with their machinery directly on site.

Of course, we were particularly pleased with statements such as the following from visitors:

  • "You can feel at your stand that your team is in perfect harmony."
  • "I built something like this myself, but it's much better directly with the partner connections - When can I try it?"