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Hack the TWIG - the small brother of Hack the Wood

Our first hackathon is scheduled for May, in the run-up we have tried out some creative ideas together with our strategic development partner AIT.

In the tapio team, we are already fully in "exhibition mode" and have started the final sprints until the LIGNA at the end of May in Hanover. We still have some great new solutions in the pipeline, which we will show for the first time at LIGNA. Part of our LIGNA appearance will be our first hackathon "Hack the wood".

As tapio, we drive to create the ecosystem for the wood industry. We focus very strongly on our partners, because only together with our partners can we create a colorful, lively ecosystem. Therefore it was all the more pleasing as AIT, our strategic development partner, approached us and suggested to make a small event in the AIT team. Following "Hack the wood" it was called "Hack the twig," great idea!

From Friday to Saturday we sat down together with the AIT team in Stuttgart and pragmatically implemented an idea of AIT. The use case is really very exciting. I think we'll hear more about it in the next months, but probably from the AIT team itself :)

It was especially great to see how we were able to quickly implement an idea together with new colleagues, away from the routine work. Of course, they were all experienced developers, but most of the participants had no tapio experience and also had to get to know our world first.

Many thanks to the AIT team and Moritz, Helmut and Jan from tapio! We are already looking forward to Berlin to continue the whole thing.

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The team in action