Reinhard Huber

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Furniture makers caught in data confusion?

No, not at all! Small and mid-sized carpenters have a good „digital“ overview. They recognize the potential of digitalization. tapio and its services are already used successfully today for daily work and the handling of machines, tools, and materials.

Texts, images, audio, and video are cleverly combined in the tapio ServiceBoard app, for example. It's time to communicate more quickly with the manufacturer of the machine and his service partner. The machine has to go back in operations. Also, the service case with the material or tool must be clarified. However, many of the companies are currently struggling with high order pressure and the well-known shortage of skilled workers. This leaves little time for a closer look at the details of digitization. In addition, owners hand over the operations to mostly younger employees.

At the management level, there is a feeling of uneasiness about what is happening to the data. There is often a lack of clear and implementable information. As a result, companies initially act very cautiously during the digital transformation. However, opportunities must not be missed. This is where tapio and its team of experts provide information.

New role for the carpenter. Give & take under precise regulation. Of course, it is still up to the carpenter to decide which data and where they should go. With his production, he is one an essential data producers in the vast network of the wood industry (tapio ecosystem), and he has control over what happens to his data, who is allowed to receive it and who is not.

Added value for the carpenter

Furniture is produced from materials, machines, and data. Besides, carpenters also generate valuable experience data. The carpenter must be aware of this! If he shares this kind of data with his business partner in the field of tools or materials, for example, he can expect added value in the next deal with the help of this cooperation.

Only shared data achieve value for him. Keeping all data with you does not prove to be meaningful or useful. His goal must remain, that he produces faster, more reliable and thus more competitively by using the data, e.g., if he runs his tools or adhesives at the optimal point of use.

Why tapio?

tapio creates a clear set of rules and a data structure for this broad topic. Complements it with software solutions and apps (services), and makes it available within its network (tapio ecosystem) for customers and business partners. The rules apply equally to all participants. They ensure the trusting handling of data. This enables carpenters to understand what happens to their data. In addition to the highest standard in data security, tapio also assures the carpenter, the ownership of the data generated by himself.

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