Frieder Frank

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From Intern to UI/UX-Guy: My tapio Journey

A recap of my time as an intern and working student at tapio.

Hey, I'm Frieder, and maybe some of you remember my introduction on our social media channels almost two years ago. Back then, I introduced myself as a working student at tapio. Since then, a lot has changed for me. In this blog post, I would like to review my time at tapio and give you an insight into my experiences. I also want to talk about what's next for me.

The Beginnings: A PowerPoint Presentation

My journey at tapio began as an intern with the task of creating the company PowerPoint presentation. While this may seem unimpressive at first glance, it proved to be an important step in gaining a better understanding of the company culture and goals from the start. The presentation gave me an insight into tapio's values and vision, which remain with me to this day and deepen my connection to the company.

The first big project: UI/UX design

Already during my internship at tapio, I had the opportunity to participate in a significant project - the UI/UX design for a tapio application. Although my original design approaches weren't used in the final application, this project sparked my passion for UI/UX design. It changed the way I looked at applications and websites in my personal environment and eventually led me to major in this area of study.

Daily tasks as a working student

After my internship, I seamlessly continued as a working student. In my role at tapio, my responsibilities covered a wide range of activities. These included managing social media channels, creating infographics for trade show banners, writing newsletters, designing PowerPoint presentations, recording and editing videos, and designing t-shirts. This versatility allowed me to develop my skills in a variety of areas and gain valuable experience. However, a larger ongoing project in my main area of expertise, UX design, came up short due to irregular work schedules.

The importance of UX design in my studies

Parallel to my professional work at tapio, I completed a number of UI/UX courses during my studies, which gave me a deep understanding of this field. Finally, I dedicated my final thesis to UX design, as I realized how important and fascinating this field is. The combination of theoretical knowledge and practical experience at tapio strengthened my conviction that UX design is my professional passion.

A challenging time

The biggest challenge during my time at tapio was undoubtedly my final thesis, which clashed in time with my preparation for the LIGNA trade show. I decided to focus my attention on the trade show preparation first. After a successful preparation phase, I started working on my final thesis with limited time. Thanks to the support from the team and my family, I was able to complete my thesis on time and submit it with a very good result. For this I would like to thank especially the team and my family for their support.

Conclusion: An enriching journey and the future at tapio

My time at tapio has been one of continuous learning and growth. From simple PowerPoint presentations to deepening my passion for UI/UX design, it has been a fascinating journey. I am grateful for 5 months of internship and 2 years & 2 months as a working student! I look forward to continuing my professional development at tapio and taking on new challenges to further expand my skills and knowledge in different areas. This experience has made me realize that even seemingly simple tasks can pave the way to significant professional development. I am excited about the exciting projects and challenges that await me at tapio in the future. Cheers to the future!