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EGGER and tapio put together the next piece of the digitalization puzzle

EGGER's entire panel catalog in German-speaking countries is now available digitally on tapio and the first applications are already benefiting from it

Today, a lot of work has to be invested in maintaining data and keeping it up-to-date. This work does not always bring the hoped-for added value, but it costs a lot of time that could be used more efficiently and in a more customer-oriented way. After tapio has already made tool and edge information available digitally in the ecosystem, we are now very pleased that EGGER, one of the leading panel manufacturers, is also making its catalog available digitally.

What are HOMAG's expectations?

By making catalog data available, tapio users and application developers will find it easier to implement consistent, efficient workflows. Searching by various parameters such as article number, product name or decor code makes plate data easy to find and allows automatic transfer. No tedious manual creation of material data. The time savings can easily be imagined.

Not only does it bring efficiency to the processes, however, but other applications also benefit from it. For example, HOMAG is already implementing further exciting possibilities with its digital products for material management. One of the central solutions already available is HOMAG's materialManager. In materialManager, customers are offered the opportunity to manage their material data quickly and easily thanks to the clear presentation and simple operation. The digital availability of catalog data from EGGER ensures that this is now even easier.

From now on, the customer can access EGGER's original data while creating new plate types. How? Quite uncomplicated: Simply filter for EGGER in the "Please select material" dialog box in the "Manufacturer" area and all relevant master data is displayed at a glance. The selection is then confirmed with a few clicks and the panel type is already visible in the materialManager. This reduces possible transmission errors and the administrative effort is minimized considerably.

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What are Egger's expectations?

EGGER, the manufacturer of wood-based materials, is aware that the craft industry is considered tradition-conscious, but that the digital world is constantly changing and with it the way carpenters work. Many companies are adapting their workflows and automating their internal processes, from the creation of materials in the ERP system to the direct connection of digital services in the production process. EGGER would like to support this and sees it as a service to make the entire EGGER range available to its partners in digital and integrated form. The EGGER PIM database (Product Information Management) contains a wide range of valuable information, from EAN numbers to material descriptions and image data, which can provide the best possible support for the workflows of the craftsmen in the digitalization process.

With the concept around EGGER inside, EGGER wants to take into account the changes within the industry, expand its digital services and support the trades. The furniture planner is an online planner for carcase furniture, with preconfigured furniture as well as a customizable carcase library, and will be integrated into the existing joinery website.

As a basis for a smoothly running process from planning to ordering and production, consistent PIM data is absolutely necessary. Thus, the craftsman has the advantage here that all systems are filled with the same information on EGGER products. With this development from HOMAG, the craftsman now has the option of being able to transfer not only the production data, but also the material data from the EGGER furniture planner smoothly into his systems and into production with HOMAG.

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