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Digital can be so simple

App instead of Excel

Who doesn't know it? You start into the week, and first of all, you begin to create new machine programs for the latest designs and corresponding production orders. The needed tools are often maintained in an Excel table. This brings with it the problem that often a lot of information is incomplete or outdated because, for example, not all colleagues have access to it for keeping it up to date. Often the current storage location is missing, which leads to a delay due to search efforts before production can be started. Also, the condition of the tool, for example, expressed in running meters, is often not up to date. If a unique tool is then required for a particular material, there is usually no information available at all. In such a situation, a temporal replanning of the order is preprogrammed.

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twinio - With only one app, it could be done the other way around:

Instead of searching in an Excel spreadsheet that doesn't contain all the information and is maintained by just a few colleagues, an app like twinio can help. The search function on a PC or smartphone can be used to find everything relevant to tools in the company quickly. Practically, the current storage locations of the tools and their current availability are also listed directly, so that search and waiting times are saved.

The App twinio can be used both in work preparation on the PC and quite simply during production via smartphone. Several colleagues can maintain information with just a few clicks. This ensures that all information is always up-to-date for everyone. The app makes it possible to obtain all relevant information by simply scanning the tool. At the push of a button, tools can be found that are specified explicitly for the production of certain materials. In this way, the correct data can be used directly for input at the machine.

In this video, we show the features of twinio. Just klick.

Now we're ready to go...

A parameter defined for production in a plant could, for example, set the limit after how many running meters the tool should be changed to guarantee consistent quality. With twinio, this is easy for everyone in the company to see, and the tool is changed at the right time.

In the app, new tools can also be created by scanning with just one click. Thanks to tool partners in the tapio ecosystem, tool data is directly available and does not have to be created manually. Later, the tools can be searched for in the app. A significant advantage is that several employees can access the app. Because the storage location of a tool is recorded, the employee can pick it up immediately. The old tool is put back, and the storage location can still be changed quickly with a click.

Another advantage: twinio can not only manage tools but also materials such as the multitude of edging materials. This means that during preparation and production, edges with the desired dimensions, colors, and extra lengths can be found with just one click.

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Customer comment on twinio:

With twinio, we can digitally record our tools such as saw blades and milling cutters without much effort, as the tool data of integrated tapio partners are already available. Conditions and storage locations can be assigned individually so that everyone in the company knows where which tool is and what its actual condition is. - Manuel Wallesch from Metawell GmbH

App instead of spending time on service support

As a rule, employees know their system well and can already hear from their noises - despite hearing protection - that something is wrong. If the system reports an error, for example, in the edge banding machine, the system is stopped to analyze the problem. Often the telephone has to be picked up to contact the service partner. The employee looks for the number on the printed telephone list at the machine. With a bit of luck, he gets through immediately, but the reality is usually first of all: waiting queue.

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For the competent service technician at the other end of the line, it is then often no an easy matter to immediately recognize the problem. Because when they are connected to the machine, they still cannot adequately identify the environment or production processes. The service technician takes up the case and reports again at a later time.

If a shift change is now imminent, the problem analysis often starts all over again, as information cannot be shared sufficiently in a short transfer. As a result, a lot of time is lost due to a lack of transparency.

ServiceBoard - an app for fast service support

After the employee has stopped the system after the error message, he gets his smartphone and opens the App ServiceBoard. He selects the edge banding machine, describes the service case, takes three photos with the app, and sends the service request. Since the ServiceBoard routes the request directly to the right service partner, he receives a message on his smartphone with an initial solution proposal from the service technician. The employee can test the suggestion immediately. Using the comment function, the customer can stay in contact with the service technician and report back on whether the service case was successfully resolved or not. If the pure exchange via text is not sufficient, both parties can exchange information via the video function. In this way, the customer can easily show the service technician the problem via video. In return, the service technician can instruct the machine operator to solve the problem. Thanks to the ServiceBoard, all of this can be done remotely, so there is no need to wait for the service technician to visit the site. This saves time.

In this video, we show the features of ServiceBoard. Just klick.

Also, the shift handover is no longer a problem: The last service case is stored on the ServiceBoard, including the solution. It is, therefore, clear how and with whom it was solved. The colleague can now briefly look up the solution on his smartphone using the same app and is prepared if the error occurs again in a similar form. The ServiceBoard works for machines from different manufacturers - regardless of age - as well as for tool and material manufacturers. This makes it possible to solve all service cases with one app and to document errors in a traceable manner.

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Customer comment on ServiceBoard:

... we have already successfully used the ServiceBoard several times. Here we particularly appreciate the fast reaction time, the documentation and archiving of a malfunction, which is still available at a later date and which has already been used for recurring malfunctions. This documentation can, under certain circumstances, lead to a rapid troubelshooting, especially if different employees are assigned to a system. The possibility of video conferencing offers the user security and makes it easier for him to describe the problem. Also, the deposit of pictures at the corresponding malfunction report often saves the detailed description by texts. - Jochen Kaupp from the wood production at Reichert Holztechnik GmbH & Co. KG

More and more customers use the digital products of tapio and partners. This shows that the industry is making the leap into the digital future together with tapio:

"The number of machines, tools, or materials used based on tapio continues to increase. This is a strong signal for us that real problems are solved together with our partners and us", says Julian Spöcker, Head of Sales at tapio.

The apps are billed on a monthly license basis and can be used without a large initial investment.