Julian Spöcker

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Concentrated Benefits for an Easy Start!

Control costs while exploring the opportunities and possibilities of simple digital solutions.

The first tapio product bundle "starter bundle" is designed for smaller companies such as carpenters with 3-5 machines. No matter what age, there is something for everyone at a special price!

Included in the bundle:

1x MachineBoard: Have your most important machine always in view

Usually, customers of this size have one machine that they always keep in sight. With the MachineBoard they get notified, e.g., if the CNC machine executes programs on its own after the start. All other machines are often operated directly by customers of this size, and a status overview or notification is not necessary. To be able to use the tapio MachineBoard you need a tapio ready machine which is then also connected to tapio.

2x DataSave: Prevent data loss, which costs you time and know-how.

Even if you don't need the status and notifications of every machine, it is still important to save the production and configuration data for specific machines (e.g., for a CNC machine and edge banding machine or a small warehouse). It is this loss of data of these often "key" machines that leads to a lot of trouble in the reconstruction/creation of knowledge. With DataSave this is no problem. One-click is all it takes to regularly back up the machines. Also for the use of DataSave, you need tapio ready machines which are then also connected to tapio.

5x ServiceBoards: Efficient service communication no matter how old the machine is

Quick service is required to ensure that the operation of all machines is as reliable as possible. With the ServiceBoard you have precisely that and that for new tapio ready machines and also older machines. You can quickly repair the machine with the service partner via service tickets and even video, without a technician having to come on-site. This significantly reduces your downtimes.

You can buy all this individually or simply in our starter bundle, which also offers a price advantage. If the number included in the bundle is not sufficient, you can easily buy additional products in the tapio shop.

It's so easy to digitize: tapio SHOP.